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Garry Gill- Raising Their Game: 3rd UBA US Pro Performance Camp

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December 12, 2017

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"This camp will have some of India's top players, along with NRI and American players, I'm sure this will be the best camp yet," said Garry Gill of the 3rd annual UBA US Pro Performance Camp.

Highlights of Garry Gill in UBA Season 4

Garry will be the only player to have attended all three annual UBA US Pro Performance Camps. He's a prime example of how a player can elevate their game higher with hard work and expert guidance.

Being a big man in India, Garry had been accustomed to playing inside for the most part. He credits the first US camp with helping him evolve his game. "The first time was an eye-opening experience. In India, I used to play center position but going to the US I realized I need to play as a forward. The experience really improved our game styles," said Garry.

If you're looking for Garry in a UBA game, look above you. Chances are he's soaring into the sky to slam home a powerful dunk, something he does with relish and has made a habit of doing. Dunking is far from the only thing that Garry does though. In UBA Season 4, Garry averaged 14.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1 block per game in Season 4. He was very efficient from the field as well, shooting 58%. When you can get up as high as Garry can, you can count on a high shooting percentage inside.

Garry helped Punjab Steelers to a spot in the UBA Season 4 semi-finals series vs Mumbai Challengers. Punjab Steelers were the only team to have handed the red-hot Mumbai Challengers a loss in UBA Season 4, their only loss of the regular season and post-season. Punjab Steelers mounted a 15-point comeback in that regular season contest to eke out a 125-123 win. Garry had 12 points in that contest and his presence inside, along with teammate Dermaine Crockrell’s 51 points were crucial in helping Punjab notch a memorable win.

Garry had his best game in Season 4 in a 106-92 win vs Haryana Gold as he put up 24 points, 14 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block. He’s a player who has added something new to his game every season. Training in his 3rd UBA US Pro Performance camp will only allow him to add to his skill set.

Garry is the only player from Punjab Steelers to have played in all 4 UBA seasons, and he's helped power Punjab to become the only team in the North Division to have made it to the playoffs every single season. He knows what it is like to compete at the highest level, and what it takes to continuously raise his game in face of ever-increasing competition. And he is one of the players who is constantly learning, as he did during the 2nd UBA US Pro Performance Camp.

“I was injured during the second camp, but it was a great opportunity to learn from watching the American players. Seeing their game style and speed, playing with them I could tell our players' speed improved.”

The improvement in speed has been apparent on the score sheet, with teams cracking the 100-point barrier numerous times in UBA Season 4. And Garry has been a frequent sight on fast breaks, going from end to end in the blink of an eye and finishing breaks with emphatic slam dunks.

While Garry is an accomplished high-flying forward right now, he's also been making waves from a young age. Having trained in the Ludhiana Basketball Academy, Garry has captained Punjab’s junior team to a gold medal in the 65th National Basketball U-18 Championship in 2014. He also made a splash in the 2014 FIBA Asia U-18 Championship, averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds.

He was a part of the Indian team which won a gold medal in the 4th South Asian Basketball Association tournament. In 2017, he represented the Indian team for the FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers and FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup.

"Going to the US to train is a dream come true, and I've been very, very lucky to be able to have gone there to train twice," said Garry. Being the only player who will have attended all three UBA US Pro Performance camps, Garry brings a unique perspective of a player who has seen the game in UBA evolve all the way from Season 1 to now, and has also seen gains from attending the camps. You can count on Garry to raise his game even higher from attending the 3rd UBA US Pro Performance camp.

The 3rd Annual UBA US Pro Performance Camp will see some of the top UBA players and others from around the world participate in an intense, two-week camp designed to maximize their skills as a basketball player, increase their overall strength as an athlete and learn to train in ways which they can maintain when returning home.

Stay tuned to read about the top UBA players going to train abroad in the UBA US Pro Performance Camp.

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