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Decathlon X NBA Collection- Choose Your Basketball Shoes

Published on
August 15, 2021

Originally published on Decathlon Blog. on 10 Aug, 2021.

The greatest basketball league in the world has partnered with the largest sports retailer in the world. Decathlon has become an official licensee of the NBA across India, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin American markets. From the moment the partnership was announced we’ve been waiting to see the gear that will be a part of this historic collaboration. It has been an impatient wait for basketball fans. Of all the accessories and apparel that we’re eagerly anticipating, there’s one gear that has unanimously been the most awaited- The NBA X Tarmak basketball shoe collection!

Basketball captures the imagination, unlike any other sport. It's a game of flight, where humans take to the air and create visual poetry on the fly, a potential masterpiece ready to be revealed every 24 second round of the shot clock. There's no time to stop and stare, not when fleet-footed guards make Hermes blush and giants gallop gallantly end to end making towering baskets collapse with their thunderous dunks. Where every possession is a chess match played at warp speed.

This game makes us believe we can fly, and the NBA shoes bring our feet one step closer to that feeling of magic. Here's a look at the shoes in store for you in our Decathlon stores and website with the NBA X Tarmak collection.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are among the original 11 teams that formed the Basketball Association of America in 1946, six more teams joined and the resulting 17-team league was renamed the National Basketball Association. The Celtics would go on an unparalleled run of excellence, including an 8-year stretch when they won 8 titles from 1959-1966.

The Celtics are the most storied franchise in the NBA, with a standard of excellence expressed with 17 championship banners. They, along with the New York Knicks are among the only two NBA teams that started and play in the same city and have the same name. While they are not short on young talent, with young wings Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown leading the way, the team has come up short in the postseason of late. But with the Eastern Conference being as open as it has been in a decade with LeBron James going West, the pieces just need to fall in the right place for the Celtics to experience postseason glory.

Sustained winning over decades does require some luck along the way, signified by the green three-leaf clovers so prominent on their logo and in the NBA X Tarmak shoe. The team mascot, Lucky the leprechaun, has the clovers on his hat, vest, and bow tie.

The clover is present on the side of the shoe, on the tongue and at the bottom. There’s a green streak dashing above the sole from the middle of the shoe and looping back. That’s the streak defenders will see when you cross them up and blaze by them.

Is this the shoe for me?

If you value tradition above all else, reminiscence about the good old days, take great pride in heritage, and want a young and talented team to root for, this shoe is for you.

Read the full story with closeups of shoes of the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and more on Decathlon Blog.

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