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Basketball Plays Breakdown: Sixers Screen Switch

Published on
September 9, 2015

Originally published on 4 Apr, 2011 on Sportskeeda

Basketball plays don’t just mean triangle offense and such. Simple plays can be adapted and executed even by pickup ballers without a clipboard. Some of the simplest plays involve a screen.
Pick and Roll. Screen and Roll. Pick ‘n pop. It has many names and its the most basic basketball offensive play of all. That doesn’t mean it can’t be enhanced and modified. Take a look at a play the Sixers used in 2001 NBA Finals, Game 1.

Basketball Plays Breakdown: Sixers Screen Switch

Here Eric Snow of the Sixers is being guarded by Derek Fisher and Allen Iverson is covered by Kobe Bryant.

Snow dribbles the ball up court. Watch Iverson move in to set a screen for Snow.

As Iverson sets the screen, Kobe waits to see if Fisher can free himself and get back to guarding Snow.

Doesn’t happen. Now Kobe has to make a call, whether to switch to Snow or stick to his assignment, Allen Iverson.

Kobe switches, and Iverson sprints towards the corner. Fisher tries to follow him but is cut off by Kobe.

Snow and Kobe are moving towards the basket. Iverson makes sure to cut through to the corner before they cross his path.

At this point Snow hands the ball off to Iverson. Till now Fisher was stuck to Iverson. But now Snow ends up setting a screen for Iverson. Both Kobe and Fisher are on Snow now. Watch Kobe trying to cut across Fisher to follow Snow across the basket.

Now Kobe realizes that his assignment has switched and it’s too late. Iverson is open for a jumper.

By the time Kobe gets to Iverson, the ball is already on its way.
To recap:
- Have the shooter set a screen.
- After making contact with the screen, the shooter sprints to the corner.
- The ball handler dribbles towards the basket.
- After the shooter has crossed their path, the ball handler hands off the ball to the shooter and sets a screen.
- Make the shot.
See the above sequence in this video at the 2:10 mark

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