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12 Top basketball players from India head to USA to train in 3rd annual UBA US Pro Performance Camp

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January 1, 2018

Originally posted on 27 Nov, 2017 on

For the 3rd consecutive year, United Basketball Alliance is conducting the UBA U.S. Pro Performance Camp in Phoenix, Arizona for top UBA players from around the world. The training camp is designed to help the players maximize their skills as a basketball player, increase their overall strength as an athlete and learn to train in ways which they can maintain when returning home.

Watch the players talking about how much they're looking forward to training in the camp here.

The players will be training with some of the best professionals including UBA Director of Coaching Jody Basye, UBA League Assistant Coach Jon Kimberlin and Pro Advantage Training Systems' owner Keith Wilson. The camp will run from 4th December through 15th December 2017.

"The two main things at the camp for me are the training sessions and the world-class gym we train in, the same gym where NBA players also train. When I was injured during the first US Camp, I got my back checked out and got tips from the physio there which helped me to rehab. I'm very excited to go visit the camp again. I know I'll be coming back a lot fitter after it." - said Jagdeep Bains (Mumbai Challengers)

Twelve players will be heading to the US from India, with invitations issued based on players' performances. Players include Palpreet Brar of Bengaluru Beast (1st Indian to have been drafted by an NBA G-League team), Jagdeep Bains of Mumbai Challengers (former Indian team captain, mentor to Satnam Singh), Yadwinder Singh of Haryana Gold (veteran Indian team star), Rikin Pethani of Chennai Slam (represented India in FIBA Asia Cup 2016 and 2017), Agu of Chennai Slam (has won two UBA Championships and led the league in assists in Season 4), Garry Gill of Punjab Steelers (only player who'll have attended all three UBA US Pro Performance Camps), Muin Bek of Delhi Capitals (represented India in FIBA Asia Cup 2017), Narender Grewal (UBA Season 3 MVP, represented India in FIBA Asia Cup 2011 and 2013), Siddhant Shinde (represented India in FIBA Asia Cup 2015) and Ajinkya Mane of Pune Peshwas, Prudhvi Reddy (represented India in William Jones Cup, 2017) and Nikhil Dahiya of Mumbai Challengers.

"Every day, our goal is to be stronger and faster than we were the day before. This year, more players are coming, increasing the talent pool from around the world to play in the UBA. This camp plays a big role in making the game even more exciting for our fans in India." said Coach Jody.

"It's an amazing feeling, seeing that hard work pays off. I'm looking forward to the trip as a person and as a basketball player. It's a different level up there, to get to play on American soil. I'm really looking forward to it because I know I'll learn a lot."- Agu

This will be the first such camp for Palpreet, Yadwinder, Agu, Muin Bek and Rikin. Jagdeep, Mane, Narender, Nikhil, Shinde and Prudhvi have already attended one camp each while Garry is the only player who'll have attended all three camps.

Additionally, up to 36 additional international professional players from North America, including players of Indian origin, will be attending the camp, vying for a coveted spot on a UBA team for Season 5. These will include UBA Season 4 International MVP Dermaine Crockrell, Jimmy Scroggins, Pierre Newton, Brendon Pineda, Alex Scales and Inderbir Gill, all of whom played in Season 4. "Part of the reason we bring in NRIs is to show what Indian origin players can do. These are Indians who have been trained differently, got to compete against a different level of competition, and can play at a very high level," said Coach Jody.

"Going to the US to train is a dream come true, and I've been very, very lucky to be able to have gone there twice. The first time was an eye-opening experience. In India, I used to play center position but going to the US I realized I need to play as a forward. The experience really improved our game styles.”- Garry

The players will be put through a rigorous 2-weeks of training. During the first week, they will have two full practices every day in which they will run through everything from ball handling and passing drills to shooting and rebounding. After four hours of training on court, they will then undergo two-hour strength and conditioning sessions with one of the top trainers in the U.S. In these sessions, the players will work on strengthening their core, build strength and increase their stamina. These are requisite for the players to compete at the highest level. All of the training will be geared towards pushing the players to elevate their game.

The second week will see the players be divided into four separate teams, and they will continue to be put through demanding practice sessions every morning, followed by games in the afternoons. Two off-days during the visit will let them see the sights in and around Phoenix, including seeing an NBA game with Phoenix Suns in person.

“I was injured during the second camp, but it was a great opportunity to learn from watching the American players as well. Seeing their game style and speed, playing with them I could tell our players' speed improved. Since this camp will have some of India's top players, along with NRI and American players, I'm sure this will be the best camp yet."- Garry

In the previous training camps, the players have had unique opportunities to play with some of the top American athletes and take away memories for a lifetime from the trip. The camp is notable for taking the players' skills to the next level.

The USA is the flag-bearer of the highest standard of basketball in the world. Players taking up basketball dream of being able to get a taste of the life in the US. For the players in the UBA US Pro Performance Camp, they will get the opportunity to get a tangible experience of world-class training facilities while being guided by some of the top professionals, and they will get to experience firsthand what it feels like to pursue basketball as a career at the highest level.

Keith Wilson adds, “By the end of camp, players will have a foundation of training to continue and share with their teammates at home. This foundation contains the fundamentals needed to continue improving their core strength building and overall performance. We train these players just like the elite athletes in the US.”
Sometimes, all it takes is a vision and a taste of what is possible to light a fire in the belly of a player to drive them to push their game to the next level. The UBA US Pro Performance Camp will allow the players to live the dream and when they come back to India, it will be with a renewed drive and vigor to get better and the knowledge to do so.

With the 3rd Annual UBA US Pro Performance Camp, UBA takes yet another step in its consistency and commitment towards taking Indian basketball to the next level.

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